Public Skate Party Room Rental
  • Admission & Skate rental for 15 skaters (recommend private party over 20)
  • 2 hours of skating during our public hours and quad skate rental.  $1 extra for inline skates
  • 1-1/2 hours in the Party room (you can bring a cake & ice cream)
  • 15 slushies delivered to party room 30 minutes after start time
  • Additional skates $10.00 includes admission and slushie
  • $5 for Skate Assists if needed

We ask that you buy any other items from our concession stand.   No outside food or drinks allowed except for a cake. Parental waivers to skate are needed for children 15 and under  Download our skate invite to print and have parents sign. 5

Party Packages - Private Rink to Yourself

$275  2 hour event with up to 45 skaters. You have the entire rink to yourself. Observers can attend for no charge. Includes quad skates for 45. Optional Fees: $1 Inline Skates $5 Skate Assist.  You can bring in your own food. We ask that you purchase drinks from our cafe. Additional skaters $6 each. Note:  You must have the area cleaned up and exiting the building at the end of your event.   No confetti.

$225  1-1/2 hour event for up to 35 skaters.   Includes quad skate rental for 35. $1 extra for inline skates and $5 for skate assists.  You have the entire rink to yourself.  You can bring in your own food.  Drinks must be purchased from cafe.  Fun filled birthday party for tweens and teens. Additional skaters $6 each. Note:  You must have the area cleaned up and exiting the building at the end of your event. No confetti. 

Field trips for day cares, schools, and other groups.  Teach the engineering behind roller skating, Skate Party  or how the chemistry of how minerals in pottery glazes harden in the heat of the kiln.  See our book online option or call for a custom date and program.

  • Roller skating is great exercise for all ages.   
  • Did you know that there are 400% more injuries playing basketball vs roller skating?
  • Burn 600 calories in 1 hour of roller skating
  • Roller skating works your muscles:  Glutes, Quads, Abs, Calves and Arms.
  • Builds strength and increases muscle endurance
  • 50% less stress to joints than running